Quality vs. Price: 4 Reasons Not to Trust a Cheap Roofer
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Quality vs. Price: 4 Reasons Not to Trust a Cheap Roofer

Are you thinking about repairing your roof or replacing it with a new one? When budgeting for roofing services, it can be tempting to choose the cheapest roofer because the project will cost you less. However, is a cheap roof cost-friendly in the long run? Here are a few reasons you should not trust a cheap roofer in Mercer County, NJ.

Poor quality roofing

The quality of the roof you get depends on how much you are willing to pay for it. Naturally, premium quality materials cost more than poor quality. Although a cheap roof may seem functional at first, it will not serve you effectively for long. The cheap roofer will probably cut corners when installing the roof because they don’t have enough equipment to install high-quality roofing.

For instance, the cheap roofer may fail to install significant roofing features such as underlayment and drip edge, causing a leaky roof.

When you hire a cheap roofer, expect to get the cheapest. roofing materials and the cheapest labor available. Also, expect the final result of the roof to be of poor quality. If poor-quality roofing is not the outcome you desire for your property, we recommend that you work with professional and experienced roofers instead.

It costs more in the long run.

Although the initial cost of working with a cheap roofer in Mercer County, NJ may seem very affordable, in the long run, it will cost you more than working with an experienced professional roofer today. Due to the poor quality of materials and cheap labor used when installing a cheap roof, the roof will soon start experiencing the following problems:
• Sagging
• Leaking and water spots
• Loose shingles
• Cracking and curling shingles
• Growth of algae and moss

A faulty roof will require you to spend more money on repairs, and eventually a roof replacement. Instead of spending more on repairs in the future, we recommend you work with expert reliable roofers today.

The cheap roof is not durable.

As we mentioned earlier, cheap roofers provide low-quality roofing, cheap labor, and may cut corners during the installation process. These poor methods of installation affect the lifespan of the roof. For instance, a 3-tab asphalt shingle roof can last for 25 years. However, if cheap materials are used, followed by a poor installation process, the 3-tab asphalt roof won’t last for 25 years at all. For long-lasting roofing, work with roofers that use high-quality materials in Mercer, NJ.

Cheap roofers are not reliable.

The problem with offering cheap services is that the roofing company may not have adequate retained earnings to sustain it during the winter months. Therefore, if you had hired the cheap roofer earlier to install your roof and happen to need their roofing services in winter, the roofing company will not be around to help you out. Invest in a roofing company that offers you long-term protection.

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