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5 Signs That You Need to Call a Roof Repair and Replacement Expert

Spotting the early signs of a roof repair can help save you money in the long run because you can call in a roof repair expert before further damage to the roof. Which signs do you need to look for before calling a Mercer, NJ roofer? Some of the common signs that indicate your roof needs repair include:

Sagging roof

Does your roof appear to be sunken? There are several reasons why a roof may sag. If the roof has served you for several decades, then the sagging indicates that you need to replace the roof. If you recently installed the roof and it appears to be sagging, this is a sign that the roof was not properly installed. You should call back the roofing company and ask them to install the roof properly.

Sometimes the roof may appear sunken because of damp rafters, which weaken the wood and cause the roof to sag. If you notice that your roof is sagging, we recommend that you talk to a roofing company in Mercer, NJ to repair or replace the roof.

High energy bills

If your energy bills have been quite high of late, we recommend that you carefully inspect your roof. A damaged roof may cause heat to escape the house, making the air conditioning work twice as hard to maintain the temperature of your home.

Loose or missing shingles

Are there any missing shingles on your roof? Perhaps you have noticed that some of the shingles on your roof have grown loose. Heavy rains and strong winds can cause the shingles to dislodge or loosen up. Leaving them unrepaired, loose, and with missing shingles can lead to more damage, requiring you to replace the whole roof.

If you have noticed any loose or missing shingles on your roof, we recommend that you call in a roofer in Mercer, NJ to repair them. Repairing loose and missing shingles is inexpensive compared to replacing the roof.

Discolored roof

Can you notice any discolored spots, such as brown patches on the ceiling? The discoloration is a sign that the roof is damp and the shingles are damaged. Darker patches on the roof may indicate the growth of mold on the roof. If your roof has any discoloration, call in a professional roofer in Mercer, NJ for inspection.

Granules in the gutter

Does your gutter contain shingle granules? Shingle granules are usually coarse and black in appearance. If your gutter contains too many shingle granules, it is a sign that the shingle roofing is in desperate need of repair. Call in a roofer to inspect and fix the roof.

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