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4 Important Things to Look for in Your Mercer, NJ Roofer

Do you plan to hire a roofing company to repair or replace your roof? Several roofing companies in Mercer, NJ provide the roofing services you need. However, you need to select the right roofer for your property if you desire a high-quality outcome. Below is a list of important things to consider when choosing a Mercer, NJ roofer.


When selecting a roofer in Mercer, NJ, we recommend that you consider the integrity of the roofing company. How do you determine the integrity of a roofing company in Mercer, NJ? By asking the roofer the following questions and gauging their willingness to be transparent and honest with you as their potential client:

• Can you provide me with at least two references to check with?
• Does your company have a license to carry out roofing operations in Mercer County, NJ?
• Are your roofing services covered by a manufacturer warranty?
• Can you provide me with a written estimate after inspecting my roof?
• When replacing a roof, does your company dispose of the old roofing materials? If so, is there a disposal charge?


A roofing company with integrity will be willing to provide you with clear and concise answers to the above questions as well as any other questions you may have. If you suspect that the roofer is trying to dodge the questions or provide you with unclear answers, we recommend that you consider working with other roofers instead.

Trust reviews

You need to work with a roofing company that you trust. Nowadays, there are many scammers online, and it’s upon you to determine whether the Mercer, NJ roofer is trustworthy before signing a contract. The best way to know if you can trust a roofer is by checking what other people are saying about the roofer.

Every roofing company will guarantee you that their services are the best. However, this is not always the case. Check with their former clients. Look at the review section of the company’s website. Are former clients satisfied with the services of the roofer? Did the roofer complete the project on time? How was the work ethic of the roofer? If the majority of the reviews are positive, then you can trust the roofer and hire their services.

Perfection in delivery

Another factor to consider when working with a roofer is their level of perfection. Perfection goes hand in hand with experience. How long has the roofer been in business? You can also request pictures of former projects the roofer worked on. We recommend that you work with a Mercer, NJ roofer that has worked on similar projects in the past.

For instance, if you want to install luxury shingles roofing on your home, work with a roofer that has installed several luxury shingle roofing in the past. Due to their experience, you will likely receive perfect results.


Before you work with a roofing company, consider the quality of their materials. Do they use high-quality roofing materials or cheap ones? High-quality roofing materials are durable and have a long life span. Avoid cheap roofers that entice you with cheap prices only to install poor quality roofing that will drain your finances in roof repairs and costs in the future.

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Quality vs. Price: 4 Reasons Not to Trust a Cheap Roofer

Are you thinking about repairing your roof or replacing it with a new one? When budgeting for roofing services, it can be tempting to choose the cheapest roofer because the project will cost you less. However, is a cheap roof cost-friendly in the long run? Here are a few reasons you should not trust a cheap roofer in Mercer County, NJ.

Poor quality roofing

The quality of the roof you get depends on how much you are willing to pay for it. Naturally, premium quality materials cost more than poor quality. Although a cheap roof may seem functional at first, it will not serve you effectively for long. The cheap roofer will probably cut corners when installing the roof because they don’t have enough equipment to install high-quality roofing.

For instance, the cheap roofer may fail to install significant roofing features such as underlayment and drip edge, causing a leaky roof.

When you hire a cheap roofer, expect to get the cheapest. roofing materials and the cheapest labor available. Also, expect the final result of the roof to be of poor quality. If poor-quality roofing is not the outcome you desire for your property, we recommend that you work with professional and experienced roofers instead.

It costs more in the long run.

Although the initial cost of working with a cheap roofer in Mercer County, NJ may seem very affordable, in the long run, it will cost you more than working with an experienced professional roofer today. Due to the poor quality of materials and cheap labor used when installing a cheap roof, the roof will soon start experiencing the following problems:
• Sagging
• Leaking and water spots
• Loose shingles
• Cracking and curling shingles
• Growth of algae and moss

A faulty roof will require you to spend more money on repairs, and eventually a roof replacement. Instead of spending more on repairs in the future, we recommend you work with expert reliable roofers today.

The cheap roof is not durable.

As we mentioned earlier, cheap roofers provide low-quality roofing, cheap labor, and may cut corners during the installation process. These poor methods of installation affect the lifespan of the roof. For instance, a 3-tab asphalt shingle roof can last for 25 years. However, if cheap materials are used, followed by a poor installation process, the 3-tab asphalt roof won’t last for 25 years at all. For long-lasting roofing, work with roofers that use high-quality materials in Mercer, NJ.

Cheap roofers are not reliable.

The problem with offering cheap services is that the roofing company may not have adequate retained earnings to sustain it during the winter months. Therefore, if you had hired the cheap roofer earlier to install your roof and happen to need their roofing services in winter, the roofing company will not be around to help you out. Invest in a roofing company that offers you long-term protection.

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5 Signs That You Need to Call a Roof Repair and Replacement Expert

Spotting the early signs of a roof repair can help save you money in the long run because you can call in a roof repair expert before further damage to the roof. Which signs do you need to look for before calling a Mercer, NJ roofer? Some of the common signs that indicate your roof needs repair include:

Sagging roof

Does your roof appear to be sunken? There are several reasons why a roof may sag. If the roof has served you for several decades, then the sagging indicates that you need to replace the roof. If you recently installed the roof and it appears to be sagging, this is a sign that the roof was not properly installed. You should call back the roofing company and ask them to install the roof properly.

Sometimes the roof may appear sunken because of damp rafters, which weaken the wood and cause the roof to sag. If you notice that your roof is sagging, we recommend that you talk to a roofing company in Mercer, NJ to repair or replace the roof.

High energy bills

If your energy bills have been quite high of late, we recommend that you carefully inspect your roof. A damaged roof may cause heat to escape the house, making the air conditioning work twice as hard to maintain the temperature of your home.

Loose or missing shingles

Are there any missing shingles on your roof? Perhaps you have noticed that some of the shingles on your roof have grown loose. Heavy rains and strong winds can cause the shingles to dislodge or loosen up. Leaving them unrepaired, loose, and with missing shingles can lead to more damage, requiring you to replace the whole roof.

If you have noticed any loose or missing shingles on your roof, we recommend that you call in a roofer in Mercer, NJ to repair them. Repairing loose and missing shingles is inexpensive compared to replacing the roof.

Discolored roof

Can you notice any discolored spots, such as brown patches on the ceiling? The discoloration is a sign that the roof is damp and the shingles are damaged. Darker patches on the roof may indicate the growth of mold on the roof. If your roof has any discoloration, call in a professional roofer in Mercer, NJ for inspection.

Granules in the gutter

Does your gutter contain shingle granules? Shingle granules are usually coarse and black in appearance. If your gutter contains too many shingle granules, it is a sign that the shingle roofing is in desperate need of repair. Call in a roofer to inspect and fix the roof.

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